6DOS Case Study

Going from concept to 400,000+ contacts.

Mobile and Web Apps

The best introductions are through mutual connections.

6DOS leverages a unique team based model to aggregate and score the connections of your colleagues – helping you identify the fastest, most trusted, most natural path to getting an intro to your prospects.

The Challenge

How do you architect a system that intelligently deduplicates a user's contacts and provide relationship scores that identify who knows who best?

Getting the Job Done

The Codedge solution.

Development at Warp Speed

Rapid UI prototyping with Vue.js.

How do you best display a collection of contacts? With extensive framework support, our developers were able to ship a complete, functional user interface in just a few weeks with Vue.js.

Graph Databases to the Rescue

A better data model with Neo4j.

Codedge identified early on that relationship scoring is a perfect use case for graph databases, a technology frequently used for large data analysis. Using Neo4j as the database of choice, the end result was a powerful, maintainable system that serves as the heart of the 6DOS platform.

Graph Databases to the Rescue

Powerful indexing with Elasticsearch.

Users of 6DOS could easily have access to millions of contacts on their team. How do you best traverse that data? We chose Elasticsearch, a database unparalleled in performance for fuzzy-text searching. Users can quickly find the contacts they're looking for at scale.

Podcast Interview

Listen to chief architect, Henry Popp, explain development and design choices that went into the making of 6DOS on Running in Production.

Listen to the interview.

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